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Currently Available Blades

Here are some blades that are currently available for sale. Please contact for more information regarding the purchase of one of my blades.

"Flaming Rose"Mosaic Fighter - $1500 - SOLD


Blade: 1095 & 15N20 "flaming rose" mosaic damascus

OAL: 12"

Blade Length: 6.5"

W Pattern Damascus Guard and fittings

Stabalized California Buckeye Burl handle w/stainless pin

Hand crafted Paul Long sheath with beaver tail insert and overlay.

Mosaic Basket Weave Hunter - $475 



Hand Forged 1095 & 15N20 Mosaic Basket Weave Pattern Blade

Stabalized Curly Redwood Handle (Highly Chatoyant)

416 Stainless Steel Guard and Spacers

Mosaic Pin

Dimensions and additional pictures to follow

W Pattern Fighter - $1000

Hand forged 1095 and 15N20 W Pattern Damascus Steel

Overall length: 11.75"

Blade length: 6.5"

Desert Ironwood Burl Handle

W Pattern Damascus Guard and fullered Spacer

Stainless Steel Pin

Will include custom sheath (tooled and snake skin inlay, or customer's request)

More pictures soon

Randrop Pattern Hunter - SOLD

Hand Forged 360 Layer 1095 & 15N20 Raindrop Pattern Damascus Blade

Overall Length: 9.5"

Blade Length: 4.5"

Stabalized Figured Maple Handle

416 Stainless Steel Guard

Mosaic Pin

Sheath by Maker (pictures soon, brown, basket weave tooling, belt/pocket clip)


1095 Fighter with Hamon - $750

Hand forged 1095 Blade. Differentially Hardened, with strong hamon line

Overall length: 14.5"

Blade length: 8.5"

Damascus Steel Guard and Fluted Spacer.

Stabalized Amboyna Burl Handle

Stanless Steel Pin



Madrone Burl 52100 Integral Bolster Knife - $200

Hand forged 52100 blade, differentially hardened.

Overall length: 7.5"

Blade length: 2.75" (tip to start of edge. 1.5" choil/bolster)

Hand rubbed finish

Madrone burl grip

Includes custom pouch sheath.




52100 Integral Bolster Fighter - $245


Hand forged 52100 integral bolster blade, hardened and tempered

Overall length: 10.5"

Blade length: 4.75" (to choil)

Hand rubbed finish

Madrone Burl handle

Includes custom sheath


52100 Integral Bolser with Big Leaf Maple - $280 - SOLD

Hand forged 52100 integral bolster blade, differentially hardened and tempered

Overall length: 8.0625"

Blade length: 3.125" (tip to start of edge. 1.5" choil/bolster)

Hand rubbed finish

Big leaf maple handle

Will include custom sheath.




1075 "Modified" Persian Kard with Hamon - SOLD

Hand forged, 1075 steel blade, differentially hardened, with hamon.

Overall length: 11.25"

Blade length: 6.5"

Antiqued Wrought Iron Guard with nickel spacer

Bubinga grip

Will include custom sheath.




 Here is a video of it doing some cutting of free falling paper in mid air. The blade is razor sharp in the most literal term. I've even shaved my face with it.


Custom Commissions Also Available!

If you have a special idea for a blade in mind, feel free to send me an email and I would be more than happy to discuss the possibility of a custom blade specially designed for you. I am open to many ideas. I am more than glad to work with clients to come up with the best design possible to fit their needs. However, depending on my workload, I may not be able to accept new commissions during certain times of the year, and accepted commissions may take some time to complete. I also reserve th eright to turn down any comission at my discretion. This will be decided on an individual basis, per client, per piece. As will pricing. Please drop me a message to find out more or if you have a special piece in mind!

An example of a custom blade commission:

A commission begins when a customer comes to me with a particular blade idea or need in mind. I work with the customer to develop a rough design of the desired blade.


Material considerations are taken into account and a conceptual rendering is developed.

After all of the final decisions are made about the blade, work on the blade begins.

 Rough forged                                                                   Profile ground


Bevels roughed in.                                                           Rough grind finished.


Blade in initial finishing sanding and polish.                         Handle fitting and rough shaping


Finished blade:

Forged 5160, differentially hardened
11.5" OAL
6.5" Blade length
Olive accent spacer, black poly spacers, Pao Ferro Grip, with mild steel guard, pins, and spacers